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Welcome to West Wales Riding Club! 

 A succesful Show Jumping Competition was held on the 22nd March although the number of competitors present at the start times of 10am (clear round) and 10.30am (main classes) were so few that it seemed we would finish by 11am!  It is always difficult to estimate how long a competition will last or when a particular class will start and waiting around can be nerve-wracking for both rider and horse. However, it would help greatly if competitors could arrive more promptly to reduce the time that is wasted as this costs the Club money in rental fees for the school.


The Open Combined Training Competition at Moor Farm will now be held on Saturday 18th April 2015 .  Competitors can enter for either Dressage or Dressage and Show Jumping.  See Schedule for details here. ( Please note that this is an amended date to avoid clashing with South Pembs Hunt's  Cross Country and Team Chase Competition at Wiston on 19th April 2015).

Appeal for Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust   An appeal has been launched to provide 4-5" snaffle bits, pony-sized headcollars, bandages and small girths to save animals in Gambia from being subjected to home-made bits (such as bicycle chains!).  If you have any spare items please bring them to Moor Farm on the 18th April 2015.  Your chairman will arrange their collection.  A poster detailing the appeal is available here


The WWRC Novice Team triumphed at the Area 21 Show Jumping Qualifier on 23rd November 2014 at Moor Farm. They came first out of nine teams and have qualified to go to the National Championships.  The team consisted of:- Alex Jowett on Marcel Merry, Lucy Higgon on Brechfa Callwen, Jessica Prince on Penty Parc Robin and Kate Gillam on Lily Langtree.

 DANGER -  Due to our recent good summer there has been a marked increase in the crop of seeds being produced by Sycamore trees.  High winds and wet weather have combined to spread the seeds further than normal.   These seeds are poisonous to horses causing a condition that attacks the horses nervous system called equine atypical myopathy.  Some horses are more susceptible than others but the condition can be - and has been fatal - even if only a few seeds have been eaten.  There is no known cure.   If possible move your horses out of fields that have sycamore trees in or near them.  The FUW has issued a warning for horse owners to be vigilant for any signs of muscle weakness or stiffness, colic-like symptoms, sweating or trembling - early diagnosis can help recovery. More details of the condition are included in a poster prepared by Angela.  It is available for download here

Training Rallies will be held through the Winter at Moor Farm and at the Pembrokeshire Riding Centre in Hundleton. A Poster giving details is available here.

Results for 9th November Show Jumping

Pre-Novice - 1st Hannah Scott (Ritz), 2nd Donna Bowen (Queenie), 3rd Catrin Owen (Rachel), 4th Wendy Evans (Daisy).

Novice - 1st Kate Gillam (Lilly Langtree), 2nd Hannah Scott (Ritz), 3rd Debbie Clapp ( Hazel), 4th Wendy Evans (Daisy), 5th Charlotte Evans (Izzy), 6th Miranda Wint (De La Roche Lyrica).

Intermediate - 1st Vicky Shambrook (Lilly), 2nd Debbie Clapp (Hazel), 3rd Zoe Davies (Flick), 4th Erika Malein (Bambi), 5th Kate Gillam ( Lilly Langtree), 6th Miranda Wint (Tommy Grey).

Small Open - 1st Charlotte Evans ( Penally Boy), 2nd Kate Gillam ( Lilly Langtree).

Results for 26th October Show Jumping

Pre-Novice: 1st Donna Bowen  (Queenie), 2nd Miranda Wint (Pixie), 3rd Sarah Morgan (Whizz), 4th Hayley Murphy (Taliesin), 5th Stacey Jones (Classic Lease).

Novice: 1st Miranda Wint (Pixie), 2nd Nathan Deakin (Rikki), 3rd Anna Wilshaw (Pogo), 4th Sue Bradford (Flo Jo).

Intermediate: 1st Tracey Watkins (Oisin), 2nd Isabel Scourfield (Mystique), 3rd Charlotte Evans (Izzy), 4th Bethan Moore (Titch) 5th Miranda Wint (Pixie), 6th Donna Bowen (Queenie).

Small Open: 1st Tracey Watkins (Oisin), 2nd Charlotte Evans (Izzy).


A MEMBERSHIP FORM IS AVAILABLE HERE FOR DOWNLOAD.  The Club's year runs from 1st October to 30th September each year. 

 A BIG THANK YOU to Alma for allowing the Club to hold the Members' Show on 21/9/14 on her land and for her hard work in arranging it.  The sun shone brightly all day and those who attended enjoyed the day.  Katie Mathias riding Penty Parc Robin was Supreme Show Champion.  Some results are listed here.  Trophies will be presented at the AGM in December.  


Congratulations to our Prelim Dressage Team of Lucy Clark, Alex Jowett, Luci Jowett and Jessica Prince for gaining second place in their class at the Area 21 Dressage Competition on 29th June 2014. 



Endurance GB is offering a Team Endurance Event to affiliated British Riding Clubs on a national scale.  Some of the competitions will be in Wales.  The competition is only open to Riding Club members and involves teams of between three and six riders.  Rides are between 20 and 25 miles in length.  For further information go to the Endurance GB web site at: www.rcteamevent.endurancegb.co.uk. 

Area 21 is seeking volunteers to become Official Stewards to supervise Area Qualifiers, etc.  Please refer to Poster for more details here

British Dressage are holding Team Quest Competitions at Moor Farm throughout this summer.  Further details are available on the British Dressage and Moor Farm Websites.  If you are interested in joining a WWRC team please contact  the Club Chairman via the Contact button. 


Combined Training Photos - check out Anna's website www.ar-equinephotography.co.uk

Congratulations to our dressage and show jumping teams who went up to Hartpury to represent the club at the national champs. The teams consisted of Jill Ridge, Catrin Owen, Kate Gillam and Louise Wheeler with Catrin's husband acting as Chef D'Equipe (despite his allergy to horses!). The Show Jumping team came a very commendable 9th overall and Catrin Owen came 10th individually in the dressage. Well done to all!

 Nat Champs 2013

Photos from the Area Qualifiers are available from Storm Development at the following links:



BHS TREC Rulebook Updates 2013 are now available

Abbey Park, Stareton, Kenilworth, Warwickshire  CV8 2XZ
Tel: 02476 840591  •  email: competitions@bhs.org.uk

A message from BHS:
You may have seen the recent news stories concerning an outbreak of Equine Herpes Virus (EHV 1) in Gloucestershire. Two horses have been shown to have the neurological form of the disease and one the respiratory form. It appears that others are also showing signs but have yet to be definitively diagnosed.
Although not a legally notifiable condition, EHV 1 is contagious and does have the potential to be quite a serious disease. Indeed, the neurological form can lead to paralysis. In most cases, EHV 1 is spread via respiratory transmission so wherever horses are brought together from different yards there is the possibility for the disease to spread if one of the horses present is affected. For this reason the Heythrop have very responsibly suspended hunting for a week.It is important to be aware that the risk of your horse contracting EHV 1 is very small and there is certainly no need to panic. However, as with any disease, spotting it early is the best thing for your horse so the BHS felt it would be useful to provide a short refresher on EHV 1 and its signs. For most people this will just be precautionary information but the recommendation is that anyone who has hunted with the Heythrop since 24 January should put their horse into quarantine for a minimum of 10 days. The same should apply for all horses on the same yard, even if they have not been hunting.Although aimed at a different disease (Strangles) our STEPS leaflet provides lots of useful information about quarantining and isolating horses.
Many of the clinical signs of EHV 1 can be confused with other diseases. A high temperature is a key indicator and it is essential to monitor the temperature of ‘at risk’ horses. Affected horses will tend to be disinterested and off their food, as well as showing typical respiratory disease signs such as coughing and a nasal discharge. If a horse is affected by the neurological form of the disease you may see some incoordination or just general ‘wobbliness’.
Should you have any concerns at all that your horse may be affected please contact your vet immediately.
The BHS is part of the group that produces the HBLB Codes of Practice. There is much helpful information about EHV in the Codes which you can access here.
If anyone has any further concerns about EHV or would like more information, please contact our BHS Welfare Team on 02476 840517 or email welfare@bhs.org.uk

We have had a message from Vicki White, a sports massage therapist who  has recently moved to the area. She is offering sports massage services to riders and has found that riders need to be educated about injury prevention to get the best out of their training. She has discovered that riders tend to suffer from incredibly tight lower backs, gluts and inner thighs. 

Just a little bit about Vicki - "I've been a Sports Therapist for over 6 years and run successful clinics in Cardiff & Swansea before moving to Pembs a few months ago. I also work Sport Wales, SwanseaCity FC & the Welsh Ladies Senior Football Squad, plus many more. Please take a look at my website www.vickisportsmassage.co.uk which has more information."
The 'tight lower back' sounds extremely familiar so this might be something useful for you riders out there to have a look at so check out her website!

Please see the below message from Horse Watch!

Hope all is well in the rural community and that you enjoyed your Christmas? We have been experiencing a few rural thefts lately, mainly opportunist with items taken from farm yards that were highly visible in some instances, so can I take this opportunity to request that you lock things up and keep things out of view. Most of you have your regular scrap collectors that you deal with, but can I please remind you that the laws have now changed regarding transportation and transaction of scrap, we are keeping regular checks of our scrap dealers and stop-checking vehicles regularly. I would urge you to take number plates, dates and times and forward on to us please so we can monitor any illegal or suspicious incidents.

We are also experiencing problems again with loose horses in our county. These horses tend to be coloured and are owned by the gypsy fraternity, but are generally kept on farmers land with or without consent. I would like to bring to your attention the below as farm owners are deemed liable if they escape and cause criminal damage. We would encourage you to think twice before allowing the horses there in the first place as once placed on your land it then becomes very difficult to get paid and also have them removed. Please read the below message which has been sent from SWP from our partners in Community Safety:

 “It has been identified that a number of persons who own and breed horses will approach farmers with a view to rent land to lodge their horses. An agreement will be made with regards to rental costs. These persons will pay an initial fee however will not pay over any more money. Once the horses are on the land the onus is then on the farmer to look after the horses thereby incurring huge costs.

 The original owner of the horses will then attend the farm after a number of months with a view to recovering the horses without paying the outstanding fees. They will use intimidation and threats to recover the horses.

 Farmers should therefore be wary of the tactics being employed and should only consider renting land to persons they know or have been vouched for.”

 In addition to the above I would ask that you keep a watchful eye on these coloured horses that are usually seen in very large herds in fields around our county. If you have any concerns for their welfare, especially at this time of year when grass is in short supply and the fields are so very wet and muddy, please contact us direct and we can alert the RSPCA as we have a good working relationship with them and you can remain anonymous! Either email or ring via the 101 number to bring to my attention, also inform all of your “equine” friends and family of the above messages and spread the word around.

 Haverfordwest Rural NPT